5/16" steel plate construction with 2" formed aft extension for
additional strength and larger operator are

Custom removable battery lifting slot cover for use with Crown FC Electric Forklifts

Crown RR series reach truck before and after American Welding custom fabricated safety door was added

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1" thick foam pad on interior of Crown Reach Truck door


Custom Reach Truck Safety Door

UAW Safety Approved

- Hinge on RH side to expedite operator exit.
- 5/16" steel plate construction with 2" formed aft extension for additional strength and larger operator area.
- Heavy Duty solid steel welded hinge with HD self closing springs,
4-6 ft Lbs of force when closed and 9-11 ft lbs of force when open. (Springs replaceable)
- 1 Rubber Socket and Pin opposite hinge side for additional door holding capacity with 1 rubber bumper equally spaced below Pin/Socket to help absorb door closing impact.
- 5/16" Solid steel door trim welded on hinge side and jamb side to protect door and hinge from unwanted hang up/removal by plant
fixtures/other trucks. Hinge trim has 120 degree door stop integrated
for durability and safety.
- Handle integrated into door
- 1" thick foam pad on interior of door
- Safety pad on lower portion of door
- Painted to match existing truck

Wharehouse Safety
Wharehouse Safety
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It is important to assess your warehouse during a range of different periods throughout the year, to build a clearer understanding of how to best improve warehouse / operator safety. With the operation of heavy machinery, large objects, and hazardous materials, including material handling, warehouses can be one of the most dangerous places to work.  Warehouse safety is paramount when protecting workers from potential hazards. The good news is there are many things you can do to avoid workplace accidents and to maintain a safe workplace for your employees and the environment.

We will come to your facility and discuss with you your concerns, with over 30 years of experience and knowledge we can design & build what is needed for operator safety and offer custom material handling ideas to keep you warehouse operating smoothly and safely.

Custom removable operator safety shields for use with Crown TSP Turret Swing Truck

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