The TPJ was designed by American Welding Inc in 2015.

It is currently being used in at least 17 UAW plants throughout the USA and Canada. The TPJ was designed to fill the need of one of the big three automakers. The automaker had a desire to reduce the number of high lift forklifts and their associated costs.

Our TPJ (towable pallet jack) unit will:

  • Increases material handling, productivity, efficiency and dramatically reduces investment and maintenance costs associated with heavy high lift forklifts


  • Can be used manually as a pallet jack or coupled to a tug


  • Pintle/drawbar hitch design provides quick, easy coupling and uncoupling, also steady tow up/down inclines


  • Tow speed up to 8mph with loads up to 3000 lbs. 10 mph empty


  • The TPJ has been safety rating tested by the automakers’ safety, engineering and UAW safety standards.


  • Wide stance provides load stability even in corners


  • Heavy Duty drawbar design eliminates jackknife scenario with tug


  • Utilizes Crown PTH pallet Jack, a top of the line, proven product test rated at 1 million cycles

  • We also offer a unit that will adapt to your current model of hand pallet jack


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