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Camper RV aluminum hot water heater tank welding repair

Yes, aluminum split cracked camper RV hot water heater tanks can be repaired by welding for much less than new

Welding is the best way to repair an aluminum split cracked RV camper hot water heater tank that has frozen and broke

Believe it or not this is a very common problem with these little aluminum RV hot water heater tanks. They are made from aluminum so they are lightweight and corrosion resistant but aluminum is very soft and not very strong so if they don’t get drained properly before winter they will freeze and bust open like a dropped watermelon. This leaves you with a leaky unusable hot water heater in your RV.

You don’t have to spend $400-$1000 on a new hot water heater. American Welding has repaired hundreds of these expensive little aluminum tanks over the years by welding. We will repair the tank, leak test it and guarantee it doesn’t leak for $75.00 plus shipping, usually around $20.00 each way.

To take advantage of this great deal simply remove the tank from the unit, remove fittings and controls from the unit so they don’t get damaged in transit contact us for shipping instructions and ship it to us. Most repairs are returned in a week or less.